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I was actually busy with a lot of interviews and dance rehearsals, preparations.I'm actually in the process of getting ready for the launch of my Mandarin album, and it's gonna be released on 8 July, and digitally, worldwide. Your title track ' Is This All' already features Ryan Tedder of One Republic. It was a very long process, it took about eight months in total for it to finally finish recording because of a lot of e-mails that's going on between…In the same year, An also returned to Taiwanese screens, starring as Liang Mucheng alongside Vanness Wu in Autumn's Concerto, which became the second highest rated Taiwanese idol television drama to date.In 2011, An was paired up with Du Chun in Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior, a television series set in three different eras.Actually right now it's not why I can't do that but it made me look at myself and to really understand that I have to be able to love myself as a person first to be able to just really identify who I am as a person before I can try to be somebody else. I'm just looking forward to the new show, I'm looking forward to the album, I'm looking forward to finishing the music videos, I'm looking forward to being on stage and singing in front of audiences, to perform these songs and just to hear the reaction. What's next on your calendar in the short term and in the long term? It's really something that I'm really excited about because, before I was like, oh I gotta go sing this song, I gotta go sing that song… Since then, she had played many roles in both Chinese and Taiwanese television dramas, such as The Legend of Hero (2005), The Great Revival (2006), Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain (2006).

, French for ' Such is life', but instead of V-I-E it's just V, so it's ' Such is Vanness'. What am I, I am somebody who has been pretty much all over the place?

And to say, I've been to Korea and this is a part of me. There's ' Material Queen' we're really excited about too.

We've been hearing some unhappiness going on there between the co-stars though, what's that about? Y'know, they see it in the papers, we're always fighting. How different is it working with Lynn Xiong this time, as compared to Ady An in Autumn's Concerto? Actually I'd have loved to play off more in the TV drama, but the producer thought it wouldn't be very right if the leading male was shorter.

Short term, it's just really focusing on the album right now. So, I really wanna make sure that the audience is able to get this full experience of the album.

Ady An debuted in 2000, filming the drama Mala Xianshi.

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An also played Li Shishi, a prostitute and mistress of Emperor Huizong of Song, in All Men Are Brothers, an adaptation of the classical novel Water Margin.

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