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Radio Haiti is the simplest and most powerful application.

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In a mechanical action, there is one valve for each note on the keyboard.

So, if the organ has 10 stops, there is one valve for all ten pipes which correspond to that note on the keyboarda term that is applied to a large family of instruments where the music to be played is provided via a cylinder on which the individual notes have been 'pegged-out'.

While there are no universally accepted demarcations, it is common in older European histories to divide the medieval period into an early period of 'the Dark Ages' and a later period of 'the High Middle Ages'.

Not all Radio Stations function for 24 hours everyday.

If you can't listen to any Radio, try to listen at different time, as the Radio Station may stop during midnight according to its own country time zone.

It is high in lignin, a substance within the cellulose, that attracts mould and insects, and raises the paper's acid content(English, Danish, Swedish, Dutch from the Latin) médiante (French), mediante (Italian), modale (Italian), caratteristica (Italian), Mediante (German), mediante (Spanish), the third degree of the scale, called mediant because it is midway between the first degree of the scale (the tonic) and the fifth degree of the scale (the dominant)mediant also refers to a relationship between musical keys.

For example, relative to the key of C minor, the key of E flat major is the mediant, and often serves as a mid-way point between I and V (hence the name).

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It is this that gives the system its name of quarter-comma meantone or 1/4-comma meantone.

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