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I appreciate all the kind words and wonderful comments.

You all definitely made this TN somewhat durable ;). Alvaro wants MC to stay but his daughter is not of the same mind.

The Taxi driver must be deceiving One-Cell because this must be the longest, most scenic route to Alvaro’s mansion. Unfortunately for Tav, Alvaro does not know where Juanita and Lupita are living.

Alvaro surprisingly admits to Tav that MC’s only true love (eye roll) will always be Tav.

Camila Monterde moves to her uncle's ranch after the death of her fiance.

While there, she meets Daniel, a man living under a false name and seeking revenge against Camila's family.

Methinks that Alvaro should be worrying more about the mental health of his daughter than finding reasons for MC to stay close to his side… Tia Magdelena is also having chat with our hysteric Elsa.

Him coming to the town he some realize that family would be better in his home in the capital.

As to my fellow recappers, you are a talented bunch… I would be the first person on the patio if you all got together and wrote a TN (I am also sure it would be better than half the stuff Televisa comes up with! MC understands her completely and she thinks it is best for her to go.

The stupidity bug that began with Octavio sure is virulent because Alvaro seems to have caught the bug.

Violeta's older brother grows more disrespectful to her mother and everyone.

Her sister Leah is blind and she has a little brother ned Dany.

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MC is sad because she really cared for Elsa in this short time.

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